Seed Exchange (種子交換)

Seed Exchange

Propagating plants (be it by cuttings, seed, or other methods) is one of the most
rewarding parts of gardening. Growing plants from seed and watching them grow over
several years until you finally see the first flower is an extra special joy!

As a gardener, I enjoy collecting seeds from my garden and exchanging them with
my friends who have similar passions. I always enjoy hearing from them later how
my seeds are doing, even if it's not always positive news...

Seed Exchange

My main interests right now are alpine and woodland species and I am always looking
for these kind of seeds. I really enjoy spring ephemerals like erythronium, trillium,
hepatica, and fritillaria, and I also like pulsatilla, species lilies, arisaema, and both
species and hybrids of hellebores and clematis. (My current wish list can be seen here)

That being said, there are lots of great plants out there that I still don't know anything
about, so if you have seeds that you think I might like, please let me know; I'd be happy
to trade!

My seed list changes from season to season, but I'm likely to have seeds from Atragene
clematises from my garden most of the time that I could certainly spare. The Atragenes
are a wonderful blend of color and form and I think that they would complement any garden.

If you are interested in exchanging seed, please feel free to contact me. I will let you
know what I have availble at the time.


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